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Generator Sales and Installation

Custom Electrical Services is your one stop generator shop for generator sales and installation.  We offer a variety of generator solutions for your power needs.  From portable generators to large standby residential and commercial generators.  We can sell, maintain, and service a generator for partial / whole home or business back up power.  As well as automatic standby and off grid generators.  We can sell, service, and install any size generator regardless of application.  Custom Electrical Services is central Iowa’s premiere Generac authorized dealer and standby generator repair shop.

Generac Generator Sales, Services, Installation, and parts. Generators Both Big and Small

From a 800 KW portable generator to a 2,000 KW diesel power house we can find the right generator to meet your demands.  Our factory trained technicians can work with you to understand your power demands and make sure you have the right generator for the application.  We can install anything from a manual transfer switch with a portable generator to automatic transfer switch with a permanent standby generator.  We will make sure your power demands are meet with the right size generator.  You can supply emergency power to parts of your home or business or even supply power to back up everything.  We have the proper training to figure the correct load calculations for your home or business.  Generator sizing needs to be done correctly to make sure your power goes uninterrupted and is ready when you need it most.  Generator maintenance is an important part of making sure your generator is ready for when you need it.  All ready have a generator but need some generator maintenance?  We can maintain and repair most major brands of standby generators.  We have common generator parts on hand to get your generator repaired before the next power outage.  We also have 24 hour access to all of Des Moines top electrical warehouses so we can be your one stop generator shop for all your generator needs.

Generac Installation and Service

As central Iowa’s Generac authorized sales and service dealer we have access to the full Generac line of equipment and parts.  We can repair and service your existing generator as well as perform scheduled maintenance task.  Need ongoing scheduled support?  Sign up for one of our service plans and never worry again.  One of our factory trained technicians can maintain your generator as needed for years to come.  Rest assured your Generac authorized dealer. Generator installation and generator repair. generator is in good hands with Custom Electrical Services.

Generator Brands

Not only can we sell and service Generac brand generators we can also help you with other brands.  Already own or purchased another brand of generator?  Our generator experts and factory trained technicians can help you get your generator installed safely and correctly regardless of the brand.  We can install, service, and maintain other brands such as Kohler, Cummings, Briggs and Stratton, Honeywell and many others.  Our generator experts have factory training and years of on the job experience.  Rest assured your generator is in good hands with Custom Electrical Services.

Automatic vs Manual Transfer Switches

There are many ways to properly supply emergency power to your home or business.  A transfer switch is used to switch over from utility power to your generators power.  Transfer switches should only be installed by a licensed electrician trained on generator installation.  If a transfer switch is improperly installed, damage to the generator, home or business, equipment, and even utility equipment or personal can accrue.  Manual transfer switches allow the user to start there emergency generator and manual flip a heavy duty switch to disconnect the utility power and connect to the generators power.  The benefit to a manual type transfer switch is usually the ease of installation, cheaper cost, and reliability.  The downfall of a manual transfer switch is that person must be present to engage or disengage the switch.  This requires a person to be onsite to perform the transfer of power.  Automatic transfer switches are extremely useful and beneficial part of a good generator installation.  Automatic switches do not require a person to present when emergency power is needed.  This transfer of power happens without human interruption all by itself and no one needs to be present.  The automatic transfer can be extremely important when supplying power to items such as sump pumps, heating, wells, medical equipment such as oxygen machines and various breathing machines.

A great example is a quote from a recent installation, “Our basement always seemed to flood when we went out of town, without a doubt we would go away for the weekend and a thunder storm would temporary knock out power to our home during a period of heavy rain.  I have a portable generator but I never had to use it while home.  Go on vacation and Murphys law shows up at our house.  Delivering heavy rains and a no power situation creating the perfect storm.  I have a battery backup sump but we live in a low lying area and it can never keep up for more than 30 minutes or so.  Since having a emergency standby generator and a automatic transfer switch installed by Custom Electrical Services I have not had any more flooding in our basement and we go out of town worry free.” Robert G. Warren County Iowa  

For additional information on generator sales, installation or service please fill out the contact form below and receive a free in home assessment: [gravityform id=3 title=false description=false ajax=true tabindex=49]   Custom Electrical Services is an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau

Generator sales and installation

Portable generator

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