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Join Custom Electrical at the Norwalk and Waukee Parades!

This 4th of July, Custom Electrical has the honor to participate in both the Norwalk Parade and in the Waukee Parade! We love our community and getting to interact with you all is the highlight of our job. Come join us this 4th of July at one (or both) of these parades and say “hi”! Read More

Outdoor LED Lighting

Summer has officially popped up here in Iowa and that means more backyard parties that last well into the evening. You don’t want to cut the party or hangout session short because of poor lighting. Thankfully, there are great tips and tricks for decorating your backyard with lighting that will look aesthetically appealing and help Read More

Great Gifts to Get Your Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up! That means getting out and spending some great quality time with your old man. If you are a young adult or older, the idea of giving back to your parents becomes more important to you. Doing chores for your dad or making a DIY craft project is no longer as Read More

Why You Need a Standby Generator

As part of the Des Moines electrical grid system, our energy system is without doubt, reliable and trustworthy.  But a reliable system doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions.  There are still many situations where a sudden power outage or loss of access to electricity can be disastrous, whether it’s a medical need or simple some Read More

How Much Power to Destroy a Planet?

On May 25th, 1977, a new movie took theaters by storm.  STAR WARS, which revived the scifi space opera genre for movie goers was, according to some, a brilliant pastiche of things loved by people in movies.  Next week that movie will reach the 40-year mark since its initial release.  While the movie itself has Read More

How You Can Make the Right Choice on an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are steadily growing in popularity.  Helped by the infrastructure of companies like Tesla and the benefit of tax credits and general renewable energy subsidies, we’re looking forward to a continued increase in the number, type, and quality of electric vehicles available in the near future.  It’s easy to find articles and evidence for Read More

Avoid Electrical Fires by Preventing Excess Heating

It’s Electrical Safety Month!  Every May, companies across the US work to raise awareness on what you should be doing to keep your home safe.  Our homes are full of electrical devices, and electricity is a part of our lives, to the point that we don’t ever stop to think about how it works or Read More

Color Temperature and How to Light your Home

We all have a weird relationship with the places we live.  Our homes can be a point of pride, but they do require a great deal of time, effort, and money to make them the castles we truly want them to be.  While that can mean a beautiful home is an expensive home, it doesn’t Read More

Energy Savers and Energy Losers

Adapters and Energy Vampires You may not realize this, but all of your attempts to save energy are being hampered, even if only a little bit, by a tradeoff for convenience.  Many of the smaller ways we lose energy in our homes come from very small drains.  Adapters that are left plugged into walls, power Read More

Custom Electrical Stands with Folds of Honor

At Custom Electrical, we feel that it’s up to each of us to reach out and make a difference.  Alone we can do a little, while together we can do a great deal.  For our team here we work each and every day to make your lives better by offering a traditional service, but today Read More

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