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Authorized Car Charger Installation

green screened electricianGoing green is no longer just a benefit to the environment.  The fuel cost savings alone makes buying an electric vehicle a wise economic decision.  Now add on the current $7500 federal tax credit on top of what several states offer and you have huge savings!  Not only do we carry the seal as a  Green Screened electrical contractor.  Custom Electrical Services is factory authorized to install Tesla Charging stations as well as BMW, in addition we install chargers for the Chevy Volt, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Ford C-Max Energi and Toyota Prius as well as other makes and models.  These charging stations are not a do it yourself installation.  Tesla and other factory dealers recommend hiring a licensed electrician.

You Can’t Just Put Any Old Charger In

Tesla aurthorized electrician

Tesla Wall Connector

I’m sorry but its more complicated than that.  As of right now, not only are the wall connectors brand specific, some of the fast electric car chargers pull 70 amps or more!  Depending on your desired level of charging needs, your electrical panel may be needing some upgrades.  Tesla and other manufactures always recommend a load calculation on your home prior to installing the in home charging station.  Some older homes may need to have additional power brought into the home and the breaker box replaced with a larger amperage panel or breaker box.  These calculations are so important to perform that manufactures such as Tesla require copies of the load calculations be turned in with installation documents.

Charging Away From Home

Did you know there is a Tesla SUPER CHARGER located at the Hy–Vee on Jordan Creek Pkwy.  Currently its the only one in Central Iowa and 1 of 3 in the State of Iowa.  However plans are underway for additional charging stations.  Tesla and Hy-vee have a partnership with plans to get additional super chargers at Hy-Vee locations across the Mid West.  The united states is covered with Tesla super chargers.  In fact to date Tesla says there is a total of 744 supercharger stations with 4,703 superchargers.  At a super charger location you can charge up to 170 miles in as little as 30 minutes.  Plug your Tesla in and grab a Starbucks or do some grocery shopping!  You can fully charge your Tesla in about the same time it takes to get your groceries.  Tesla is in talks with several other grocery chains as well a major


EV Power Adapters

gas station chain about adding super chargers to their locations.

To date the U.S. Department of Energy says there are almost 15,000 electric charging stations and over 38,000 charging outlets across the U.S.  In addition almost every EV or electric vehicle comes with a mobile charger.  If you have your mobile charger and electricity you will never run out of power.  There is a variety of adapters and kits on the market for most electric vehicles.  With an adapter you can plug into something as small as a standard residential outlet.  Depending on the power source you plug into determines the time it takes to charge your EV.

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Certified EV Charging Station Installation

Custom Electrical Services has straightforward pricing.  You know exactly what the cost will be of your electric car charger installation before work begins.  Our straightforward pricing saves you both time and money.  Who are you letting into your home to have your car charger installed?  Our car service technicians undergo a thorough background check, random drug screen, and receive professional training above and beyond their electrical training.  Your electric car charger installation will be as safe and straightforward as possible.  We 100% guarantee it!  We also offer a 5 year warranty to all our Safety and Savings Plan members.

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