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Bucket Trucks

We have bucket trucks on hand and ready to work 24 hours per day for all electrical emergenciences both residential and commercial.  Have a high light that needs installed or replaced?  Need an areal service installed, updated, or replaced?  Have parking lot lights that need attention?  Custom Electrical Services has the right equipment, lifts, and bucket trucks on hand to perform the necessary request.  Our bucket trucks are on call and ready to work 24/7.  Our electricians are highly trained in performing safe electrical work.  This is extremly important when it comes to working around overhead cables.  From changing out a comercial overhead service to replacing that hard to reach light bulb our bucket truck certified and trained electricains are ready to help.

Bucket truck is available 24/7.  Bucket truck services.  Electrician bucket trucks.

Bucket truck is available 24/7

Repairing Arial Equipment

Custom Electrical Services has a bucket truck trained electrician on call 24 hours a day for all your electrical emergencies.  If you have a private aerial service, damaged service mast, or parking lot light do not hesitate to give us a call regardless if its on a weekend or in the middle of the night.  Our trained bucket truck electricians are here to help!  Have a high lamp that needs replaced?  Consider upgrading to LED lighting.  LED lighting dramatically reduces your energy cost as well as maintenance cost.  We also have available to us 4 wheel drive bucket trucks.  These diesel powered work horses are great for rural and agricultural applications or for those emergency calls during heavy snow and ice storms.  Our bucket trucks are fleet mechanic maintained so they are always ready to work whenever you need us.  Our bucket trucks come completly stocked and ready work.  Our wharehouse has a vast supply of overhead service parts so we can get your residential home or business up and running quickly.  We also have 24 hour access to all of Des Moines best supply houses so you will never be without the part to get your electrical service up and running.

Bucket truck electrician.  24 hour bucket truck electrician.

Bucket Truck Electrician on call 24/7 365.


Parking Lot Lighting

We work with many local businesses to maintain, repair, and replace there parking lot lighting on a scheduled maintenance calendar.  Many local businesses trust Custom Electrical Services for there reliability, reasonable rates, and outstanding safety record.  If  you have a church parking lot, grocery store, car dealership or any other type of business that has high lighting such as parking lot lighting give us a call anytime if you need any assistance.

Scissor Lifts

Like bucket trucks.  Scissor lifts have there own application.  Scissor lifts are great for indoors, flat and hard surfaces.  We have a variety of scissor lifts available for our use to help you with your specific application.

Electrician with scissor lift.  Electrician to reach high spot.

We have scissor lifts for all your electrical needs.

We have high reach scissor lifts as well as narrow scissor lifts designed to fit through commercial door frames.  Our scissor lifts run on DC battery electric so they can be safely used indoors without the risk of carbon monoxide poising associated with gas or propane powered units.  We can reach that auditorium high light, commercial lighting, warehouse lighting, and a variety of other applications.

For additional information on our bucket truck services, installation or service of high electrical equipment, please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch just as soon as possible: [gravityform id=3 title=false description=false ajax=true tabindex=49]   Custom Electrical Services is an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau