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3 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Electrician

3 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional ElectricianAs with many things, when we want to save money we decide the best way to do that is to trade our time and do the job on our own instead of paying someone else to do the work.  In many cases, this is very much worth the savings.  Unfortunately it’s rarely the case when it comes to home electrical work.  Some friends may regard home electrical repair as simple and easy.  Some small repairs, such as replacing an outlet or a light socket, can be simple but most of the time you’ll find that repairs to your home’s electrical system are time-consuming, dangerous, and difficult.  So why should you hire a professional?

1. Electricity is Dangerous

This seems like an easy answer.  But in many ways, it’s the reason for the rest of the answers you’ll find below.  Electricity is dangerous if you don’t understand how it works.  But it goes beyond simply remembering to turn off the circuit breaker before working.  You can follow every safety precaution, finish your work, and power things back up without any issues only to find yourself with an unexpected electrical fire a few weeks later.

ESFi states that home electrical fires are responsible for an estimated 51,000 fires each year.  Many of these fires end with homeowner deaths due to a lack of fire safety devices and procedures.  So yes, you can shock or electrocute yourself while working on your homes electronics, but there’s a greater risk of accidentally causing a house fire later on if you don’t follow regulations.

2. Professional Quality

When you hire a professional, you aren’t just paying someone to do the work for you.  A professional will always do a higher quality job because their livelihood depends on it.  Professional electricians pride themselves on their training and expertise which allows them to make quick judgements and quality repairs.  A professional repair or installation means:

  • Decreased likelihood of breakdowns
  • Simplified future repairs
  • Clean work environment

Technicians take pride in their work, but they also want you to feel safe while they’re working.  Any fears you may have about people in your home are unfounded with a professional team.  Electricians like those employed at Custom Electrical are bonded and insured to protect your home.

3. Licensed Work

Homes and buildings must follow a very specific set of rules and regulations for proper electrical wiring.  Professional electricians are required to pass certification exams to prove that they’re familiar with NEC rules and regulations.  These regulations are in effect because they promote efficiency and safety for building occupants.  From simple requirements such as mandating number of outlets within a room to safety concerns regarding placement of ground-fault circuit interrupters in garages, bathrooms, and kitchens.  While you may be well aware of how electricity works, you likely aren’t familiar with the requirements of your state for how a building is required to be wired.  This may not seem important now, but if you ever attempt to sell your home, a licensed inspector will notice the shortcuts and the relative value of your home will be less since it needs to be brought back up to code.

For the best in quality electrical repair work and installations, contact the professionals at Custom Electric!  Be sure to check back here each week for helpful advice, news, and guides or follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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